Voice work... 

Callum has recorded a range of audiobooks, video games and EFL projects, for suits such as Ladbroke Audio, 2020 Recordings, Tileyard, Hachette, Audible, and more, specialising in character voices and providing a range of British and US accents... 

Crystal Palace Chronicles 

Callum has narrated all three audiobooks  of Crystal Palace Chronicles, a trilogy of novels for young audiences by children's author, Graham Whitlock. 

Winter in Tabriz

Callum narrated the audiobook for Sheila Llewellyn's acclaimed Winter in Tabriz for Hachette, available on Audible.  


Callum provided the voice of notorious DC villain Clayface (and others) for the Batman series for Tony's Little Whispers collection. 

Conservation Crew

Callum provided the voice of eccentric science teacher (and duck) Professor Pintail (and others) for the children's eco-educational series, Conservation Crew for Tony's Little Whispers collection. 

The 392

Callum was one of a host of performers featured on Ashley Hickson Lovelace's bestselling The 392 charting characters travelling through London by bus on the day of the tragic 7/7 bombings. 

Georgetter Heyer

Callum recorded two Georgette Heyer novels, The Toll Gate and False Colours for Penguin, both available on Audible.